Neil's solo work Bonzo Dog Band GRIMMS and the World Monty Python, Rutles and Rutland Weekend Television

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Cool Brittania
The Equestrian Statue
Jollity Farm
I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Look Out, There's A Monster Coming
Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold instrumental
Death Cab For Cutie
The Intro And The Outro
Mickey's Son And Daughter
Big Shot
Music For The Head Ballet  instrumental
Piggy Bank Love
I'm Bored
The Sound Of Music



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Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse/
Urban Spaceman


Donut In Granny's Greenhouse

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I'm The Urban Spaceman
We Are Normal
Beautiful Zelda
Can Blue Men Sing The Whites
Hello Mabel
Kama Sutra
Humanoid Boogie
Trouser Press
My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe
Rockaliser Baby
Rhinocratic Oaths
11 Mustachioed Daughters

Hunting Tigers Out In "Indiah"
Tubas In The Moonlight
Dr. Jazz
Monster Mash
I'm The Urban Spaceman
Ali Baba's Camel
Laughing Blues
By A Waterfall
Mr. Apollo
Canyons Of Your Mind




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You Done My Brain In
Quiet Talks And Summer Walks
Joke Shop Man
The Bride Stripped Bare By "Bachelors"
Look At Me I'm Wonderful
What Do You Do?
Mr. Slater's Parrot
Sport (The Odd Boy)
I Want To Be With You



The Strain
Turkeys instrumental
King Of Scurf
Waiting For The Wardrobe
Straight From My Heart
Rawlinson End  
Don't Get Me Wrong
Fresh Wound
Bad Blood
Slush  instrumental (kind of)

Let's Make Up and Be Friendly

Lets Make Up And Be Friendly

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Pour L Amour Des Chiens



Pour L'amour Des Chiens
Let's All Go To Mary's House
Hawkeye The Gnu
Making Faces At The Man In The Moon
Purple Sprouting Brocoli
Old Tige
Wire People
Salmon Proust
I Predict A Riot
Scarlet Ribbons
And were back
Stadium Love
Mornington Crescent
L'Essence d'Hooligan
Early Morning Train
My Friend's Outside
For The Benefit Of Mankind
Beautiful People
Ego Warriors
Cockadoodle Tato
Tiptoe Through The Tulips
Sweet Memories
Sudoku Forecast
Now You're Asleep
Jean Baudrillard



New May 2013:
Neil at Vivian Stanshall's 70th Birthday Celebration

Meet The Band Old and Lame

Meet The Bonzos
Some mini-bios on some major Bonzos


Melody Maker Clippings

Aug 17 1968 - Ad for Bonzo gig August 24 1968 - Ad for Bonzo gig
Sep 13 1968 - Ad for Bonzo gig Dec 1968: "Bonzos Will Not Split"
March 29 1969 - Scaffold/Bonzo gig notice March 29 1969 - Ad for Bonzo gig
Sep 13 1969 - Ad for Bonzo gig Nov 1969 - Ad for Bonzo's agency
Jan 17 1970 - Ad for Bonzo gig Feb 13, 1971 - "Bonzo Men Join Scaffold"
Feb 20 1971 - "Bonzos Re-Form" May 8 1971 - Review of Bonzo show

Articlesold and lame

Doo Dah fanzine 1986 Interview with Neil

Joel Druckman, portrait of an American Bonzo (an interview)

Record Collector Article on the Bonzos

1970 Rolling Stone Article on the Bonzos

Photo Galleries & Video

Bonzo Dog Band old & lame

Bonzo Dog Band "Little Sir Echo"


 Other Bonzo Websites

The Doo Dah Diaries by Doo Dah David is the most comprehensive, up to date and amazing Bonzo Dog Band site on the net right now. Seriously way better than our little page of Bonzos that hasn't barely been updated in 10 years! If you are a Bonzo fan, go, now!

Bonzo Dog Band Big Website

Vivian Stanshall website    

These are real articles we retyped from xeroxes. So the information is still good, just the presentation is AOL Hometown page circa 1998.
These are woefully incomplete and over 10 years old. Visit the Doo Dah Diaries for very complete updated info all all things Bonzo.
These two Bonzo photo galleries were the first photo galleries we put up in 1998. And you can tell. But what the hell, we'll leave it up anyway.


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